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Myriolecis torrida (Vainio) Śliwa, Zhao Xin & Lumbsch (redirected from: Lecanora torrida)
Family: Lecanoraceae
[Lecanora torrida Vainio]
Myriolecis torrida image
Thompson, J., 1997. American Arctic Lichens: The Microlichens.
Thallus of small, sparse verrucules, white, dull. Apothecia to 0.4 mm broad, scattered, adnate broadly; margin thin, white, entire, persistent, with poorly developed cortex of irregular hyphae; disk flat or slightly convex, black, dull, bare; hypothecium hyaline; epihymenium bluish or bluish brown, HN03+ violet, granulose-inspersed; hymenium hyaline, 1+ persistently blue; paraphyses coherent, septate, not branched or slightly branched, 1.5-2 μm, tips bluish clavate; spores ellipsoid, 8-11 x 4-5 μm. Conidia filiform, curved, 16-22 x 0.7 μm.

Reactions: K—, C—, I—, P—.

This species grows on calcareous rocks. It is probably a circumpolar arctic species, known from Siberia, Bear Island, Greenland, Alaska, and the Northwest Territories.