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Bacidina egenuloidea (Fink) S. Ekman
Family: Ramalinaceae
[Bacidia egenuloidea Fink]
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Andrew Khitsun  
Ekman, S. 1996. Opera Botanica 127: 121.
Thallus entirely dissolved into goniocysts. Apothecia with pale orange to dark purple-brown disc; margin conccolorous or darker. Proper exciple laterally with various brown (K+ purplish) and orange hues (K+ intensifying), below hypothecium colourless. Hypothecium (almost) colorless. Upper part of hypothecium pale orange or pale brown. Spores acicular, 20-42 x 0.-2.1 um, with 0-5 septa. With three types of conidia, the commonest one filiform, straight or slightly curved to sigmoid, 0-1 septate, strongly conglutinated.