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Bacidina californica S. Ekman
Family: Ramalinaceae
[Bacidia albescens (Kremp.) Zwackh,  more]
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conidia: composed of two types (in different pycnidia): (1) filiform, curved, non-septate, 7-12 x 0.6-0.8 µm, (2) bacilliform, straight, 0-2-septate, 7-9 x c. 1.5 µm Notes: Bacidina californica is an exceedingly variable species in thallus structure and apothecium pigmentation, and it is even more variable than was realized by Ekman (1996a), who based the description on rather limited material. The thallus varies from thin and almost smooth to rather thick and dissolved into pale green soredia. The apothecia takes on a whole range of hues ranging from pale pink to black, and they are often piebald. However, the variation in apothecium pigmentation can often be observed within a small piece of thallus.