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Aspicilia pertusa (Lynge) J. W. Thomson
Family: Megasporaceae
[Lecanora pertusa Lynge]
Aspicilia pertusa image
Thompson, J., 1997. American Arctic Lichens: The Microlichens.
Thallus orange clay-colored, effuse, not radiate, thin, verrucose, of small areolae to 1 mm broad; hypothallus indistinct. Apothecia in fertile verrucules which are higher than the rest of the thallus, single or composite; thalloid margin olive-tinged and entire, I-; disk to 0.3 mm broad, black, epruinose, concave; hypothecium 1+ blue turning red; epiphymenium olive-brown, 1+ blue, HC1 + blue-green, K+ yellow; hymenium hyaline, inspersed, I+ blue turning wine-red, 125-160 µm; paraphyses slender, not moniliform; spores 8, ellipsoid, large, 25-43 x 14-20 µm.

Reactions: medulla K—, C—, P—, I—.

This species grows on acid rocks. It is rare and known only from northeastern Greenland, Devon Island, and Baffin Island.