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Cladonia conista (Nyl.) Robbins
Family: Cladoniaceae
[Cladonia innominata Lendemer]
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Thompson, J., 1984. American Arctic Lichens: The Macrolichens.
Podetia goblet-shaped as in C. chlorophaea, the base more smoothly corticate than that of the other species in the group. The soredia are farinose rather than granular and the color a lighter green than in most members of the group. Occasionally the soredia may be granular, but Kristinsson has shown that the majority are less than 100 mu instead of over 100 mu with a peak at 50 mu vs 100 mu (1971).

Reactions: K— , C— . KC— . P+ red.

Contents: bourgeanic acid (substance H) and fumarprotocetraric acid.

This species grows on soil and rotting logs. The range is not clearly known at present. It is known from Europe, Asia, and New Zealand as well as North America where it ranges from Nova Scotia to southern Alaska, south to Virginia and Colorado. It is probably circumpolar boreal and temperate. Outliers of the range into the tundra occur in the Northwest Territories at Ennadai Lake and the Gordon Lake area near Great Slave Lake.