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Candelariella arctica (Korber) R. Sant.
Family: Candelariaceae
[Candelaria arctica Körb.,  more]
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Thompson, J., 1997. American Arctic Lichens: The Microlichens.
Thallus yellow to yolk-colored, crenate granulöse, the margins radiate-effigurate. Apothecia common, to 1.5 mm broad; margin crenate, darker than disk; disk flat to slightly convex, dull and granulate; epithecium yellow; hymenium 60-75 μm, 1+ blue; paraphyses not branched, not septate, 2.5-3 μm, tips slightly thicker; asci broadly clavate; spores numerous, hyaline, ellipsoid, slightly curved, partly seemingly 1-septate, 9-20 x 4.5-6 μm.

This species grows on rocks, cspccially on rocks manured by birds. It is circumpolar high arctic, known from northern Scandinavia. Greenland. Spitzbergen. Novaya Zemlya. Barent Island, eastern Asia, and northern North America.