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Brigantiaea fuscolutea (Dickson) R. Sant.
Family: Brigantiaceae
[Biatora fuscolutea (Dicks.) Fr.,  more]
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Lucy Taylor  
Thompson, J., 1997. American Arctic Lichens: The Microlichens.
Thallus white to yellowish white, granulose to finely verrucose. Apothecia adnate, the base well constricted, to 3 mm broad; margin thick, persistent, concolorous with the disk, also pruinose; disk flat or slightly convex, orange to brownish orange, commonly orange pruinose; hypothecium pale; paraphyses little branched; spores single in ascus, muriform, hyaline, ellipsoid, 48-115 x 24-55 μm.

Reactions: thallus K+ yellowish; epithe-cium K+ violet-red; hymenium 1+ blue turning red.

This species grows over moss and humus. It is circumpolar, known from Siberia, northern Europe, Iceland, Novaya Zemlya, the Aleutian Islands, and the eastern Canadian Arctic archipelago, but oddly not yet from the well-collected western Arctic.