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Biatorella hemisphaerica Anzi
Family: Biatorellaceae
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Thompson, J., 1997. American Arctic Lichens: The Microlichens.
Thallus very thin, arachnoid-farinose to thinly granular, ashy gray to gray-greenish. Apothecia dispersed, 0.5-1.4 mm broad, brown-yellow to yellow-red, convex and immarginate to almost globose; proper exciple disappearing; hypothecium 150-500 μm, grayish yellow, sometimes inspersed with oil droplets; hymenium 150-200 μm, hyaline or upper 8-10 μm yellowish; paraphyses with tips branched, 1-1.5 μm, tips 2-2.5 μm; asci cylindrical-oblong; spores 200-400 per ascus, cylindrical, 5-8 x 2-2.5 μm.

Reactions: hypothecium and hymenium 1+ blue.

This species grows over moss on calcareous soil. It is common in Europe, is known from Siberia, and has been reported in North America from Alberta, Alaska, Illinois, New Jersey, and Washington.