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Lepraria elobata Toensberg
Family: Stereocaulaceae
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Stephen Sharnoff  
Thallus: crustose, totally leprose, irregular, indeterminate, firmly fastened to the substrate, up to 0.6 mm thick, up to several cm in diam. upper surface: pale gray or pale bluish gray soredia: mostly farinose, 20-45 ┬Ám in diam., occasionally coarse and up to 0.1 mm wide, mostly compact, without projecting hyphae medulla: not evident lower surface: not evident, without a tomentum Spot tests: thallus K- , C-, KC- , P+ orange Secondary metabolites: atranorin, stictic acid with satellites, zeorin, ┬▒unidentified fatty acid. Substrate and ecology: on wood, conifer bark, soil and rocks or boulders in mixed conifer forests World distribution: Europe and North America Sonoran distribution: Arizona at 2200-3200 m and southern California.