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Bryobilimbia diapensiae (Th. Fr.) Fryday, Printzen & S. Ekman
Family: Lecideaceae
[Lecidea diapensiae Th. Fr.]
Bryobilimbia diapensiae image
Thompson, J., 1997. American Arctic Lichens: The Microlichens.
Thallus scant, varnish-like or very thin, white, over dead Diapensia lapponica. Apothecia small, to 1.5 mm broad, broadly adnate, flat or becoming convex, brownish black or black, slightly shining; margin thin, black, becoming excluded; exciple radiate, narrow exterior pale, interior purplish brown; hypothecium violet-brown or with upper part bluish, lower paler; epihymenium brown or reddish brown; hymenium 60-80 μm, not granulose, upper part reddish, lower part pale or with a narrow violet-blue base, 1+ blue but epihymenium remaining red; paraphyses coherent, sometimes branching, tips slightly thicker; asci clavate; spores biseriate, oblong to ellipsoid, 10-18 x 3-5 μm.

This species grows on the dead tops of Diapensia tufts. It is circumpolar arctic-alpine, but rarely collected.