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Caloplaca xantholyta (Nyl.) Jatta
Family: Teloschistaceae
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Global occurrence: Eurasia – Europe | Arctic.  Substrate: rock – calcareous, calciferous, basic.  Life habit: lichenized (mutualistic with algal photobionts).  Thallus: leprose, leprarioid, powdery, byssoid | crustose (crustaceous) – episubstratal – unspecified; granular, granulose, granulate; [th] upper surface: yellow(ish) (if dull: buff); [th marginal and upper surface] specific structures: absent.  Ascomata: absent.  Secondary metabolites: present, unknown/unidentified anthraquinone(s).  Primary photobiont: present, chlorophytaceous – trebouxiaceous, chlorococcoid.  Secondary photobionts (eg in cephalodia): absent.