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Buellia geophila (Florke ex Sommerf.) Lynge (redirected from: Buellia disciformis var. triphragmia)
Family: Caliciaceae
[Buellia disciformis var. triphragmia (Nyl.) H. Olivier,  more]
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Thallus crustose, membranaceous to gra-nulose or verrucose, white to gray-white; hypothallus lacking. Apothecia to 1 mm broad; exciple brown-black, entire to disappearing; disk black, flat to convex; hypothecium brown-black; epithecium brown; hymenium hyaline, 1+ blue, not inspersed, 70-100 µm; paraphyses brown-capitate; spores dark brown, 3-septate, often curved, 15-43 X 6-12 µm.

Reactions: thallus K+ yellow, P—.

Contents: atranorin in GAo-T test.

This species grows on moss and over other lichens. It appears to be circumpolar arctic and alpine.