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Ascochyta candelariellicola D. Hawksw. & Kalb
Family: Incertae sedis
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Pycnidia: immersed, black, 40-70 µm in diam.; wall: laterally and basally pale or olivaceous brown, composed of 1-2 layers of cells, 5-7 µm thick, apically dark olivaceous brown, up to 22 µm thick conidiophores: absent conidiogenous cells: hyaline, subglobose to short and broadly ampulliform, smooth, not proliferating, 3-5 µm in diam. conidia: hyaline, narrowly ellipsoid to somewhat soleiform, apically rounded, basally indistinctly truncate, 1(-3)-septate, smooth, 8-11.5(-19) x 3-3.5 µm. Host: in apothecia of Candelariella aurella, decolorizing the disc World and Sonoran distribution: Baja California Sur, known only from the type locality.