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Lichenopeltella peltigericola (D. Hawksw.) R. Sant.
Family: Microthyriaceae
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Catathecia: superficial, dark brown to black, scattered, 5070 µm in diam., depressed hemispherical, 25-40 µm high; margin: entire; upper wall: composed of radially-arranged, red-brown to pale brown ±quadrangular cells of 3-4 µm in diam., ostiolate ostiole: central, raised, forming a collar 2-3 cells high, composed of cells 5-6 µm in diam with dark brown, thickened lateral walls, with 3-6 equidistant apical cells extended into a crown of divergent setae surrounding the ostiole; ostiolar pore: 10-15 µm wide ostiolar setae: 3-6 per ascoma, 12-35 µm tall, swollen to about 6 µm at the base but tapering gradually to 1.5-2 µm wide at the tip, dark-brown, thick-walled, non-septate, smooth; basal plate: pale brown, composed of elongated forked radiating cells with almost no transverse walls paraphyses: not observed asci: ovoid to obclavate, thick-walled, wall apically strongly thickened, 25-35(-40) x 9-11 µm, 4-spored ascospores: distichously arranged in the asci, ellipsoid, rounded at the apices, 1-septate, not or slightly constricted at the septum, 0-4 or more guttulate, the upper cell bearing 3 pairs of setulae, (13.5-)15-21 x (3-)4-5µm. Hosts: thalli of Peltigera species; in the Sonoran area on World distribution: Europe, Macaronesia, Asia, New Guinea, and North America Sonoran distribution: Chihuahua.