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Rosellinula kalbii (Hafellner) Hafellner & R.W. Rogers
Family: Incertae sedis
[Roselliniella kalbii Hafellner]
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Mycelium: hyaline, immersed, inconspicuous Perithecia: black, scattered, immersed in the thallus, the thalline margin and hymenia of the host apothecia, 180-220 µm wide wall: brown, basally and towards the centrum paler, laterally 15-25 µm thick hymenium: hyaline hamathecium: present as paraphysoids paraphysoids: ramified and with anastomoses, 1.5-2 µm thick asci: ventricose to clavate, 70-90 x 15-20 µm, more than 200-spored ascospores: brown, simple, ellipsoid, 4-5.5 x 2-4 µm, with a length-width index of about 1.7, with a solid, smooth wall. Hosts: Haematomma fenzlianum and H. persoonii in the Sonoran region and elsewhere Haematomma accolens, H. africanum, H. americanum, H. collatum, H. flexuosum, World distribution: widely distributed in tropical and subtropical regions of the world but not common; Africa (Kenya), Australia, North America Sonoran distribution: known from a few localities in Arizona, Chihuahua and Baja California Sur with an altitudinal range from the seashore to c. 2000 m. Notes: Rosellinula kalbii grows on the entire range of Haematomma species indicating the monophyly of that genus (Kalb et al. 1995). From the similar R. lopadii, it can be distinguished by its ellipsoid ascospores and its host selection.