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Cornutispora lichenicola D. Hawksw. & B. Sutton
Family: Incertae sedis
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Pycnidia: pale brown, subspherical, immersed or erumpent, 60-110 µm in diam.; wall: hyaline to pale brown, paraplectenchymatous, up to 20 µm thick conidiophores: hyaline, irregularly branched, septate, smooth, with acropleurogenous conidia, up to 30 µm long conidiogenous cells: hyaline, subcylindrical, 3.5-6 x 1.5-2 µm conidia: hyaline, Y-shaped, aseptate, smooth, with a narrowed base; CORNUTISPORA Hosts: on thallus and more rarely apothecia of a wide range of lichens, including Flavoparmelia, Hypogymnia, Lobaria, Melanelia, Neofuscelia, Parmelia, Platismatia, Punctelia and Rhizoplaca; in Baja California Sur, on the apothecial margin of Lecanora caesiorubella World distribution: Europe, Africa, Australia and North America, probably cosmopolitan Sonoran distribution: collected once in Baja California Sur between La Paz and Todos Santos. Notes: Cornutispora ciliata Kalb is distinguished by the additional presence of two thin, apical appendages on each of the two divergent apical branches. It has a similar host range as C. lichenicola and might be confused with it.