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Toninia tristis subsp. asiae-centralis (H. Magn.) Timdal
Family: Ramalinaceae
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Squamules: up to 2 (-3) mm diam.; epithecium brown, sometimes with a faintly green tinge orange pigment: (K+ red) present in the upper part of the hypothecium and inside the lumina of many paraphyses, asci, and spores ascospores: narrowly ellipsoid to fusiform, mainly 1-septate, 12.5-19 x 3.5-5.5 ┬Ám Secondary metabolites: terpenoids (chemotype 4). Host: cyanolichens Substrate and ecology: on soil and sandstone at 1650-2160 m World distribution: widely distributed in arid areas in the arctic and temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, Peru Sonoran distribution: rare in northern Arizona (open circle).