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Gyalolechia fulgens (Sw.) Søchting, Frödén & Arup (redirected from: Fulgensia fulgens)
Family: Teloschistaceae
[Biatora fulgens (Sw.) Fr.,  more]
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Stephen Sharnoff  
Thallus: placodioid, monophyllus, with distinct marginal lobes, up to 2.1 cm in diam. upper surface: yellow or orange, covered with whitish pruina, schizidia absent upper cortex: paraplectenchymatous, 17-50 µm thick including a up to 30 µm thick epinecral layer medulla: white, 75-175 µm thick; algal layer: continuous, 50-80 µm thick lower cortex: absent lower surface: gelatinized, compressed hyhae Apothecia: common, sessile, up to 1.1 mm in diam. disc: flat margin: smooth, brighter than disc asci: clavate, 8-spored ascospores: hyaline, simple, ellipsoid, 10-15 x 4-5 µm Pycnidia: not found Secondary metabolites: anthraquinone pigments. Substrate and ecology: soil World distribution: wide spread in the Northern Hemisphere Sonoran distribution: very rare so far only known from Baja California.