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Phaeophyscia endococcina (Korber) Moberg
Family: Physciaceae
[Dimelaena endococcina (Körb.) Trevis.,  more]
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Stephen Sharnoff  
Ecology: Substrate non-calciferous. Thallus: Foliose, lobed; separate thallus parts 1 mm wide. Thallus Size and Differentiation: 30 cm in diameter; apex not distinctly broader than average; not curved. Thallus Outline: Margin concolorous the thallus centre. Upper Surface: Dark brown, smooth; eciliate; without hairs; not isidate; not lobulate. Lower Surface: Black, firmly attached attached; rhizines moderately abundant, without projections. Lower Cortex: Paraplectenchymatous, of anticlinal hyphae. Ascocarps: Abundant, 1.5 mm in diam.. Margin: Crenulate. Ascospores: Physcia-type, (16)-20-26-(32) µm long, (7)-10-12-(15) µm wide. Conidiomata: Strongly abundant. Secondary Metabolites: Hopane-6a,22-diol and skyrin.