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Melanolecia transitoria (Arnold) Hertel ex Poelt
Family: Lecideaceae
[Lecidea transitoria Arnold,  more]
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We collected this arctic-alpine species at 3160 m in the Aladaglar National Park.  Thallus endolithic.  Ascomata apothecia, immersed in pits of the calcareous rock, black, ~0.5 mm diam.  Epiphymenium blue-greenish, hypothecium dark brown, hymenium ~40-50 μm tall, true exciple well-developed.  Ascospores colourless, simple, 8-10 X 4-5 μm.  The ascospores of the Turkish specimen are a little shorter and narrower than given for this species by Poelt & Vezda (1981; 10-15 X 5-7 μm), and the measurements given by Brodo et al. (2001) for North American material are much longer and wider (13-28 X 7-14 μm).  However, the Turkish measurements are within the range given by Hertel (1977; 8.5-14 X 4.5-7.5 μm).

Melanolecia transitoria is rare in alpine and snow belts of the Alps (Poelt & Vezda 1981), and also known from China (Hertel 1977) and North America (Brodo et al. 2001).