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Lepraria rigidula (B. de Lesd.) Tonsberg
Family: Stereocaulaceae
[Crocynia rigidula B. de Lesd.]
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Thallus: totally leprose, irregular, indeterminate, not becoming loose from the substrate, up to several cm in diam. upper surface: pale bluish gray to whitish gray, often fading to white in the herbarium, sorediate soredia: mainly fine but also coarse, up to 100 µm wide, with up to 75(-120) µm long projecting hyphae, fluffy medulla: not evident lower surface: not evident Spot tests: K+ yellow or K-, C-, KC-, P- orange Secondary metabolites: atranorin and nephrosteranic acid. Substrate and ecology: on mosses and bark (Pseudotsuga menziesii) World distribution: Africa, Asia, Europe and North America Sonoran distribution: Arizona at 26503350 m.