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Lecanora valesiaca var. sibirica Poelt
Family: Lecanoraceae
not available
Substrate and ecology: on limestone, sandstone, volcanic rock; juniper communites, Ponderosa pine forest, floodplains Sonoran distribution: Arizona at (910-)1625-2400 m and Sonora at 975 m Notes: This variety is distinguished by discs green to black (N+ red) discs, and by thalli (mostly to 0.5-1 cm diam.) and shorter lobed than normal and +completely covered by apothecia. It is less widely distributed than var. valesiaca, and tends to occur more often at higher elevations (above 1500 m) and in somewhat cooler, moister areas. Herre used the name Lecanora darrowii Herre as a nomen provisiorum for this species, but it was never published.