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Thelenella muscorum (Fries) Vainio
Family: Thelenellaceae
[Microglaena muscorum (Fr.) Th. Fr.,  more]
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Thallus: effuse, often mixed with scattered pale granules upper surface: whitish or pale brown, membranous prothallus: absent Perithecia: immersed, amongst moss leaves and stems with only ostioles obvious, dispersed, rounded to broadly pyriform; exciple: colorless becoming brownish above, pale or colorless below, 50-70 micro meter thick asci: cylindrical, 2- to 4-spored ascospores: colorless, becoming straw-colored or brownish when old, muriform, elongate-ellipsoid or subcylindrical, 60-110 x 20-27 micro meter Pycnidia: not seen Spot tests: all negative Secondary metabolites: none detected. Substrate and ecology: encrusting mosses in montane habitats World distribution: Europe, northern Africa, Canary Islands and North America Sonoran distribution: Arizona, southern California and Chihuahua. Notes: This species is characterized by its thin thallus, its very thick-walled asci with an ocular chamber and fissitunicate dehiscence, its muriform ascospores, its persistent, branched-anastomosed paraphysoids and the presence of periphysoids.