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Paranectria oropensis (Ces. ex Rabenh.) D. Hawksw. & Piroz.
Family: Bionectriaceae
[Paranectria oropensis subsp. parviseptata M.S. Cole & D. Hawksw.]
not available
Perithecia: white to orange, scattered, single or grouped by 2-3, 150-230 µm wide, ostiolar pore: deep reddish PARANECTRIA paraphyses: not observed periphyses: simple, 25-30 x 2-2.5 µm asci: elongate-clavate, ±thick-walled, wall apically not specially thickened, 65-80 x 15-21 µm, 8-spored ascospores: hyaline, muriform, with 5-8 transverse and 1-2 longitudinal septa, ellipsoid to narrowly ellipsoid, (22-)25-32(-36) x (9-)11-14(-15) µm, appendages up to 12 µm long. Hosts: thalli of corticolous lichens (e.g., Buellia, Cladonia, Lecidea, Lepraria, Parmeliella, Parmelina, Xanthoria); in the Sonoran area on Phaeophyscia World distribution: Europe, Asia and North America Sonoran distribution: Chihuahua.