Darwin Core Archive Publishing

The following downloads are occurrence data packages from collections that have chosen to publish their complete dataset as a Darwin Core Archive (DwC-A) file. A DwC-A file is a single compressed ZIP file that contains one to several data files, along with a meta.xml document that describes the content. Archives published through this portal contain three comma separated (CSV) files containing occurrences, identifications (determinations), and image metadata. Fields within the occurrences.csv file are defined by the Darwin Core exchange standard. The identification and image files follow the DwC extensions for those data types.

Data Usage Policy:

Use of these datasets requires agreement with the terms and conditions in our Data Usage Policy. Locality details for rare, threatened, or sensitive records have been redacted from these data files. One must contact the collections directly to obtain access to sensitive locality data.
CodeCollection NameDwC-ArchiveMetadataPub Date
ASU Arizona State University Lichen Herbarium DwC-A (12.1M ) EML 2018-01-14
BRY Brigham Young University DwC-A (6.8M ) EML 2017-08-07
CAS California Academy of Sciences DwC-A (0.9M ) EML 2017-08-07
CUP Cornell University Plant Pathology Herbarium DwC-A (1.1M ) EML 2017-08-07
MCTC Cryptogamic Herbarium, Michigan Technological University DwC-A (0.4M ) EML 2017-08-07
DUKE Duke University Herbarium DwC-A (13.7M ) EML 2019-03-26
UConn-CONN George Safford Torrey Herbarium DwC-A (0.5M ) EML 2017-08-07
IDS Idaho Museum of Natural History DwC-A (0.4M ) EML 2017-08-07
IND Indiana University Herbarium DwC-A (0.1M ) EML 2017-08-07
USU-UTC Intermountain Herbarium Lichen Collection (Utah State University) DwC-A (0.2M ) EML 2019-02-19
MONT Montana State University Herbarium DwC-A (1.6M ) EML 2017-08-07
MOR Morton Arboretum DwC-A (3.8M ) EML 2017-08-07
UNM Museum of Southwestern Biology, University of New Mexico DwC-A (0.3M ) EML 2017-08-07
NBM New Brunswick Museum DwC-A (1M ) EML 2017-08-07
OS Ohio State University Herbarium DwC-A (1.9M ) EML 2017-08-07
OSC Oregon State University Herbarium DwC-A (4.4M ) EML 2017-08-07
OBI Robert F. Hoover Herbarium, Cal Poly State University DwC-A (0.2M ) EML 2017-08-07
UWSP Robert W. Freckmann Herbarium at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point DwC-A (0.2M ) EML 2017-08-07
CHRB Rutgers University, Chrysler Herbarium DwC-A (0.4M ) EML 2017-08-07
LSU-Lichens Shirley C. Tucker Herbarium at Louisiana State University DwC-A (7.4M ) EML 2017-12-08
AUA The Freeman Herbarium at Auburn University DwC-A (0.4M ) EML 2017-08-07
BALT Towson University Biodiversity Center DwC-A (1.3M ) EML 2017-08-07
US United States National Herbarium - Smithsonian DwC-A (12.3M ) EML 2017-08-07
UC University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley DwC-A (7.5M ) EML 2017-08-07
ALA University of Alaska Museum of the North Herbarium DwC-A (3.9M ) EML 2017-08-07
UCSB University of California Santa Barbara Lichen Collection DwC-A (0.2M ) EML 2019-03-15
COLO University of Colorado, Museum of Natural History DwC-A (11.4M ) EML 2019-06-10
GAM University of Georgia, Julian H. Miller Mycological Herbarium DwC-A (0.3M ) EML 2017-08-07
HAW-L University of Hawaii, Joseph F. Rock Herbarium DwC-A (0.6M ) EML 2017-08-07
ID University of Idaho DwC-A (2M ) EML 2017-08-07
MAINE University of Maine Herbaria DwC-A (1M ) EML 2017-08-07
UMFK University of Maine at Fort Kent DwC-A (2.4M ) EML 2017-08-07
MICH University of Michigan Herbarium DwC-A (6.3M ) EML 2017-11-10
NEBK University of Nebraska Kearney DwC-A (0.1M ) EML 2017-08-07
NEB University of Nebraska State Museum, C.E. Bessey Herbarium DwC-A (3.4M ) EML 2017-08-07
NHA University of New Hampshire DwC-A (0.1M ) EML 2017-08-07
UNAF University of North Alabama DwC-A (0.1M ) EML 2017-08-07
NCU University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Herbarium DwC-A (0.9M ) EML 2018-06-23
URV University of Richmond Herbarium DwC-A (0.3M ) EML 2017-08-07
USCH-Lichens University of South Carolina, A. C. Moore Herbarium DwC-A (0.1M ) EML 2017-12-07
TENN University of Tennessee Lichen Herbarium DwC-A (1.2M ) EML 2019-02-26
VT University of Vermont, Pringle Herbarium, North American lichens DwC-A (0.8M ) EML 2017-08-07
WTU University of Washington Herbarium DwC-A (4.9M ) EML 2017-08-07
UWEC University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire DwC-A (0.2M ) EML 2017-08-07
WIS University of Wisconsin - Madison DwC-A (24.5M ) EML 2018-01-14
UNLV Wesley E. Niles Herbarium, University of Nevada, Las Vegas DwC-A (0.1M ) EML 2017-09-13
MU Willard Sherman Turrell Herbarium, Miami University DwC-A (1.6M ) EML 2017-08-07