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Authors: Bates, S.T., A. Barber, E. Gilbert, R.T. Schroeder, and T.H. Nash III.
Citation: 2010. A Revised catalog of Arizona lichens. Canotia 6(1): 26-43.
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Locality: The state of Arizona (34.000000, -112.000000)
Abstract: This revised "catalog" of lichens includes 969 species of lichenized fungi (lichens) presented for the state of Arizona (USA), and updates the original catalog published in 1975 by Nash and Johnsen. These taxa are derived from within 5 classes and over 17 orders and 54 families (the latter two with 3 and 4 additional groups of uncertain taxonomic position, "Incertae sedis") in the phylum Ascomycota. The total number of species reported here represents approximately 20% of all species known from the North American lichen flora. The list was compiled by extracting Arizona records from the three volume published set of the Lichen Flora of the Greater Sonoran Desert Region, a collaborative, authoritative treatment of lichen groups for this region that encompasses the entire state of Arizona.
Notes: see Canotia

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Families: 65
Genera: 189
Species: 993
Total Taxa (details): 1001

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